In crypto communities, whenever someone criticize a token/coin, they get instant ban, for the reason of spreading FUD.

The concept here is different, it is your right to worry, to doubt, to push the team to meet goals, to show progress, and you have the right to question without being judged. Hereby, FUD is good! Constructive criticism is great! Negativity generates positivity and from these concepts a robust community emerged to say: We are Fudders, and we are MANY!

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Negative Marketing

First ever research-based crypto to adopt advanced negative marketing strategies


First to Adopt ZERO fees that ensure ease for buys and sells for everyone!

Milestones Tracked

First to set clear dates for milestones - Fudders can track and ensure the team are meeting the goals

FUDindex Project

First ever memecoin to set project goals of services paid by FUDcoin to ensure the highest possible profit for holders with the aim to high price per coin

The team is ensuring massive efforts are applied for FUDcoin to transform Cryptocurrency into a reliable and trustful marketplace for better adoption. FUDcoin is the first coin that is keen to meet exact dates as detailed below:

FUDcoin Fairlaunch - DONE on 12 August 2021

2000+ Holders

CMC Listing (Price on Trust Wallet)

Exchange Listing

We don't believe in Presales, as we know all of our beloved fudders want a FairLaunch! the below countdown represents the day of fairlaunch date, which is Here is the contract - It will be here in 1 hour before launch for those keen to buy early and watching the website. DO NOT USE ANY CONTRACT EXCEPT THE ONE PUBLISHED HERE - OFFICIAL CONTRACT (0x2046954284c631c285b59e0919bcccd66b3bd289)

Feel Free To Send Us a Message About any FUDs

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